Thursday Evening Yoga - Single Class

Please note: I will be on maternity leave from July 21st, I will update with future classes on my return.

Time: 6.30-7.30pm
Location: The Redeemer Primary School
Address: Jack Walker Way, Fernhurst Farm, Blackburn, BB2 4JJ.

Inviting you to connect with your body and explore your mobility, using low impact, gentle movements and a relaxed breath, Yoga can help you to ease tension in your body, promote a healthy range of motion in your joints and bring you back towards balance. This experience can be translated throughout your day to day life.

Suitable for adults of all ages, body types, size and gender. Guidance is provided through each class, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Beginner and experienced students are all welcome. Suitable for all levels of flexibility, whether you consider yourself stiff, hypermobile or anywhere in between. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement. Mats are provided to use in class and are also available to purchase.

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